Herman Miller Aeron C / Large Refurbished Aluminium Office Chair Fully Loaded fits you who are 160-198 cm and have a weight between 91-136 kg.


All Herman Miller Aeron supplied by AeronShop.com are original and so-called. fully Loaded which means that the chair is height-adjustable, swivel, adjustable armrests in height and angle, forward tilt, back tilt and weight adjustment of the tilt function.


- Model: Aeron Large / C Aluminum
- Design: Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf
- Size: C / Large (B / Medium & A / Small are also in stock)
- Casters: for carpets (Casters for hard floors can be selected here)


As Sweden's biggest supplier of Herman Miller Aeron Refurbished with Aerons.se, AeronShop.com can now offer Herman Miller Aeron Refurbished to all over Europe and Asia.


Really nice and well-known Herman Miller office chairs in stylish design. Thanks to a fantastic design and execution, you sit extremely comfortably and once you have bought an Aeron you will keep it for a long time!


Very nice and thick armrests in black vinyl (Leather armrests are available as an option) and Pellicle mesh in the back and seat that allow air and body heat to pass.


You can order your Aeron chair with either a lumbar pad or a Posture-Fit where you can adjust the pressure against your lumbar.


All Herman Miller Aeron chairs sold by AeronShop.com are Refurbished, which means that the chairs are in very good condition and has undergone a refurbishment process by an Herman Miller authorized company using only original parts and technicians with long experience with Herman Miller Aeron.

Herman Miller Aeron Aluminium Large/C Refurbished - Fully loaded